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Shallot Sambar

To go with rice, idly and dosa A delicious sambar recipe where we use pearl onion instead of vegetables…and quite delicious side dish…It goes very well with rice and any South Indian main dish like rice, dosa, idly or vada …Shallots contain Iron and multivitamin, fibre and protein,..Has got good healing power…

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Mini Idli in Sambar

An authentic South Indian dish..We South Indians love idli in any form…In fact most of the days it is idli or dosa for breakfast (especially at my home)..Some days, to make a little more palatable we make an alteration and dip the idlis in sambar lazed with ghee…an awesome combination…When the idlis are mini idlis it looks all the more pleasing to the eye and for your taste buds…When the batter is of perfect consistency your idlis become soft and fluffy and absorbs the sambar when soaked in it…Here the sambar should be of running consistency to get the idlis…

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