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Mixed Lentil Dosa (ada dosa)

A favourite dish of South Indians…It has got all types of dal needed for your daily protein intake…This is our own dish…Easy to make and quite nutritious…We all are crazy about dosa for breakfast…this is a variation with more benefits…With the spices we add to the batter it becomes even more tastier…

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Uzhunnu vada aka Urad dal fritters (with drumstick leaf)

A tasty snack to go with hot coffee or tea…This is an authentic South Indian snack…We can have it either as a snack or as breakfast with chutney and sambar…To make it more nutritious I added some drumstick leaves and the taste was augmented…The benefits of drumstick are umpteen,,,good for diabetes, hypertension, enhance your immune system and good for bones and good for digestion..the benefits go on…if you find kids not liking drumstick leaves, make tasty vadas and serve and they are going to devour it like anything…

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