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Coconut Laddu

Coconut, our own sole propriety…we use coconut in a variety of ways…Here in Tamil Nadu people use coconut oil for applying on hair…Cooking they just can’t think of…We are so used to it, without that we feel the dish is not up to the mark…Here I used desiccated coconut to make laddus so that the consistency is good…

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Wheat Flour Puttu

Puttu is our own delicacy…It is the food of God’s Own Country…Before, people in Malabar only used rice flour to make puttu…now we are looking for different ways to have nutritious food..Wheat is supposed to be rich in fibre and we all opt for wheat even though we love rice dishes… We have developed a liking for wheat…Wheat puttu I have posted before…this time in combination with spicy chicken stew we had the puttu…

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