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Paneer Veg Momos

An all time favourite of Tibetans and Nepalis…Now ours is available in every nook and corner at the roadside eateries…This is a real comfort food,,,not much masala..mild flavoured masala…and less oil and on top of that steaming elevates this dish to another level…for those diet watchers the perfect dish with an exotic flavor…You can freak out on the fillings..anything goes well..Here I used veg paneer combo..

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Keerai Kadayal (pureed green leafy vegetable)

Green leafy vegetables are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. Include this in your daily consumption of vegetables and it acts as a prophylactic for quite a lot of disorders. It can be eaten as soup, or as a side dish. When you think of it, greens can be cooked umpteen ways without losing ta

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