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Paneer Aloo Tikkis(cutlets)

Paneer or Indian Cottage Cheese is an excellent substitute for meat…a boon to vegetarians..Taste wise also it is exotic…Goes well with any veggies…compliment each other augmenting the taste….A good party starter…Here I used paneer with aloo and cheese to make it more delicious… You can add any vegetables, there is no limit, it is your choice and make this into a wholesome snack.

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Shrimp fritters (a tasty delicacy of shrimp)

Shrimp is a shellfish only found in sea…They belong to the crustacean family…a very delicious shellfish..its taste is otherworldly…You do not have to be an expert to make a tasty dish out of shrimps…Today I wanted to make fritters of shrimps…these can be eaten as a starter or as a teatime snack…It is best to have it when it is not wait for it to become cold to have it. Here I marinated the shrimps to infuse the masala flavour, then deep fried.

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Baby corn satay ( my version)

An Oriental starter…I was looking for something to make with baby corn…and came upon this dish by chef Sanjeev Kapoor…I tweaked the recipe a little according to the ingredients available to me…This was a success…Kids are going to love this,, as it is sweet with gingery garlicky flavor…

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