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Paneer Butter Masala

To go with rice, paratha, naan or roties. Elaborate cooking is not my cup of tea…Wanted to do something different with paneer…was searching for different styles and then the recipe posted by Bharat was so tempting and tried this dhaba style ( supposed to be) paneer masala by bharatzkitchen…I do not know if this is the exact replica…still was very tasty and look wise very tempting….

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Egg Biryani (one-pot meal)

A one-pot meal that we all love..As I said before, in Malabar you get the tastiest biryani…We make it mild with just enough spiciness..meat, egg or vegetables can be used..but meat biryani is the all time favourite of people..Since I did not want to make rice and different side dishes to go with rice, eggs came in handy…then the idea of making egg biryani struck me…the masala gives the authentic biryani flavour whether it is veg, meat or egg…This is always a hit…Have it with raitha and any side dish of your choice..

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Malabar Shrimp Biriyani

The authentic shrimp biriyani of Malabar..This is a one-pot meal..But the ingredients in this dish bring it to a super delicious level…Malabar Muslims are the experts in making the awesome biriyani…they are born experts in biriyani making and for that matter any other non veg dish..I always find this cumbersome…prep part of making a biriyani…You need somebody to help peeling the garlic and onions and preparing the masala…Anyway the effort did pay well, of course…Rice got a little overcooked…without compromising on taste…

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