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Paneer potato masala curry

Authentic masala curry of Malabar with potato and paneer. Paneer is one of the most sought after vegetable for vegetarians as a source of protein. This   Indian cottage cheese has loads of health benefits. Since it is rich in calcium, good for men and women who gets brittle bones due to calcium defi

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Banana Halwa with jaggery

Calicut is famous for halwa especially banana halwa. You do not get this in any other parts of Kerala. Even if you get one, nothing to beat Calicut halwa. I had never thought of making halwa since it was available in plenty at hometown. Getting bored with the heavy rain and flood in Chennai and to p

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“Happy Diwali”

Today is Diwali, festival of lights celebrated throughout India. The story behind Diwali is different in different regions. Some say it is to celebrate Rama’s return after vanquishing Ravana. According to Mahabharata, to celebrate Krishna killing narakasura. Like this story varies. Whatever the reas

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