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Orange Halwa

As the name suggests, halwa made out of orange juice…”Halwa” originated from Middle East…Meaning sweet…then we started making different combinations…Malabar halwa is the best in all…I had a set of forgotten oranges in the fridge…then the idea of making halwa stuck me…why not?? it was r

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Sugar cane jelly

Sugarcane belongs to the grass family. Benefits of sugarcane are umpteen. People usually have it as juice…it is a source of natural sugar and boosts your immune system and also an instant energy booster.  A good source of antioxidant..Even diabetics can have the juice without tampering the sugar l

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Oats idly…My favorite. Was always postponing making this as my husband is totally against experimenting with anything  other than the usual idly batter.  … was worth it anyway. Once in a while you have to pamper your taste buds…

Nowadays people are changing their food habits by reducing rice and eating oats. A rich source of fiber and carbohydrates. Instead of the usual porridge try something like oats idly, upma or dosa and you will not get bored eating the same drab porridge.

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