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Spicy Prawns Fry

Today’s lunch Wow..The delicious shrimp fry…Easiest to make and the most tastiest in whatever way you cook…Nowadays we cook less non-veg..My husband is planning to slowly become a vegetarian…When this materialises we have to seek a taster to taste the nonveg dishes I make. Here I tried the simplest recipe possible and the end result was awesome…

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Prawns masala curry

Yesterday night’s special…A little heavy..I had shop brought ready made layer paratha and thought of having that with the prawns masala curry…I am not that good at making layer parathas..This combination was a hit anyway..I made dosa also to make up for the less quantity of paratha…and mango milkshake to wash it down. An awesome combination…nights usually should be light…Due to circumstances had to indulge to finish off the balance food.

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Chili prawns-Sunday lunch

The no-effort prawns stir fry with the rustic masala…And it came out quite good…As I said before, shrimp is one dish where you do not need expertise…It has got its own heavenly taste whatever way you cook…. Here I used only chili powder. We can use dhania powder also and instead of coconut oil use any oil you are okay with, but coconut oil gives the authentic taste of Kerala prawns fry.

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