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Spicy Prawns Fry

Today’s lunch Wow..The delicious shrimp fry…Easiest to make and the most tastiest in whatever way you cook…Nowadays we cook less non-veg..My husband is planning to slowly become a vegetarian…When this materialises we have to seek a taster to taste the nonveg dishes I make. Here I tried the simplest recipe possible and the end result was awesome…

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Coconut Panna Cotta (coconut pudding with gelatin)

Delicious tropical dessert…Coconut is such a tasty fruit(nut) and lots of benefits by drinking coconut water daily. In Malabar even though we do not think much about the benefits of coconut…it is like the air we breathe…it is there and we use it without giving much attention to its benefits…Coconut water is a sports drink to replenish your lost minerals and salt by sweating…Today I thought of making coconut panna cotta or pudding, whatever you call it… It was too good and the easiest dessert possible…only time taken is for setting the coconut milk and coconut water…

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Potato wedge fry

Who don’t like potatoes…It is one vegetable you do not get bored with,,,and is available in your kitchen even when the fridge is empty…The most nutritious and delicious tuber…only difference is the way you cook it…It is all up to you…If you want a low cal dish can mash the potatoes and have it with salt and pepper,…But once in a while we feel like indulging…What is the point in being strict with food??So here I have made potato wedges…the beautifully fried side or can be eaten as a starter…

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